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    Exterior Home Painting Services

    At Art of Painting and Custom Restoration, LLC, we recognize the significance of your home’s exterior as the initial impression for many. Understanding the importance of your property, we offer diverse exterior house painting services in Everett, aiming to elevate your home’s curb appeal.

    Beyond enhancing appearance, our exterior painting shields your home from harsh weather. Count on our adept and punctual team to consistently deliver exceptional results. With our expertise, efficiency, and precision, we ensure your home achieves its finest look.


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    Initial Meeting

    Before starting the process, we’ll introduce you with the assigned painter(s), who has undergone lead-safe training. The painter will ensure a secure painting environment within your home, prioritizing safety.

    Understanding Your Vision

    We conduct a thorough review with you, ensuring a clear understanding of your preferences.  This ensures that the selected colors complement your space and cultivate the desired ambiance.

    Surface Preparation

    We meticulously prepare the surfaces, understanding its pivotal significance in achieving a superior paint job. After completing this essential preparation phase do we initiate the painting.

    Delivering Excellence

    Whether you seek to establish a cozy ambiance in your living room or a dynamic accent wall in your dining area, our house painters ensure a pleasant experience as per your vision and preferences.

    Exterior Home Paint Service Benefits

    Our house exterior painters see painting as more than just appearance. We aim to elevate your home’s exterior.

    Exterior house painting services offer various benefits, including –

    What Our Clients Say

    Don’t just take our word for it, check out our work here.

    Judy Burns
    Judy Burns
    My experience with Art of Painting was excellent. Byron was professional and gave me above what I was looking for. I recommend him highly.
    Jessica Obert
    Jessica Obert
    I don't even know where to begin. From start to finish, the project was completely well managed, excellent communication, on time (which is amazing considering the holiday!), quality, and anything else you might imagine in the best possible scenario you could think of - then add on going over and beyond. This company is one of true professionals. We had our home painted inside (including very tall spaces in the entry and stairwell), as well as our cabinets painted. I was skeptical at first with considering having the cabinets painted, but extremely glad we did it! It turned out fantastic! This was due, in large part, to the detail and care that was given. I honestly did not have to worry about a thing - and I feel that is such an important aspect when having any work done in your home. I would highly recommend Art of Painting and Custom Restoration. We know who we will be calling! Thank you so very much for having such a huge positive impact on our home!
    Roma San Antonio ZINS
    Roma San Antonio ZINS
    Byron was able to help us out with our bottom cabinets! Awesome paint job; great turnaround time
    Larry Gerasimchuk
    Larry Gerasimchuk
    I had a fantastic experience with this contractor who repaired sheet rock work in my home. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and competitive pricing impressed me from the start. The repaired sheet rock looks flawless, and the team left the workspace clean. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and clear communication made the entire process hassle-free. I highly recommend them for any sheet rock repair work.
    Damir Sabanovic
    Damir Sabanovic
    Excellent workmanship and quality work. The kitchen cabinets came out looking like brand new . The attention to detail and ensuring every aspect of project was done absolutely right was beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend
    lovely b
    lovely b
    This is Karen. 9-19-23. Byron, Alexander, and Levi did a outstanding phenomenal job painting the outside (exterior) of my house, they transformed it from a sad looking home and turned it into something very beautiful, they even fixed not only the things i pointed out, but also fixed the things they found them self's. they kept me in the loop of things i needed to know, they were very patient, kind and honest. i'm definitely going to hire hem to do more things for me. i highly recommend hiring them. Yours Truly, Karen
    Greg Buell
    Greg Buell
    We really enjoyed working with Byron and his team! They were professional, and made sure the job got done. Although they encountered some extra difficulties with our project, they were never phased, and were always committed to finishing the job well, and producing an excellent result.
    Grant Palmer
    Grant Palmer
    What sets Byron apart is his attention to detail and the amount of prep work he does before he starts painting. Our siding was in pretty bad shape, and instead of just putting a coat of paint over it, he spent hours scraping and caulking the siding. The house looks great now, and Byron has extended the life of our siding by years. Plus, he has a great eye for color and will help you decide on the best color to paint your house.
    Leah Lawrey
    Leah Lawrey
    It was such a pleasure working with Byron and Alexander on our kitchen update. They painted our 20 year old cabinets, walls and ceiling updating our kitchen space beautifully which has brightened our kitchen space so much. Looking forward to working with them both in the future!
    Jill Currie
    Jill Currie
    Byron and his team did a phenomenal job painting the interior of our home this week. He personally completed some tricky drywall repairs that now look flawless, and even repaired some cracks that weren't in the estimate but discovered later. His expert recommendations on paint quality, colors, and approach were all welcome and turned out great. Byron is a fantastic communicator and kept us well informed throughout the process, checking in regularly about how we felt things were going. He and his professional crew showed up exactly when they said they would, every time, and they finished the job right on time, too. They worked hard to minimize disruption to our home while working (not easy, since we both work from home!). They left our house spotless when they were done. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would not hesitate to hire them again.

    Exterior Home Painters in Everett, WA You Must Choose!

    Giving you all the right reasons to choose Art of Painting and Custom Restoration, LLC, as your best exterior house painters in Everett, WA.

    Decade of Expertise

    With a strong industry presence since 2015, we tailor our painting services to perfectly suit your requirements.

    Skilled Painters

    Our certified and extensively trained painters deliver top-notch quality.

    Cutting-Edge Equipment

    Employing the latest tools and techniques ensures swift and efficient project delivery.


    Offering competitive rates while upholding exceptional workmanship standards.

    Enduring Excellence

    We prioritize thorough surface preparation for enduring and resilient outcomes.

    Total Client Contentment

    Assuring guaranteed satisfaction and continual support for your peace of mind.

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    Call Us Now

    (425) 221-2751

    Exterior Home Painting Services in Everett

    We offer a wide range of exterior house painting services in Everett, WA listed below.


    Pressure Washing

    Restore your surfaces’ sparkle with our high-powered pressure washing services. We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly solutions to eliminate grime, mold, and dirt effectively from your exteriors.


    Paint Removal

    Utilizing advanced techniques and tools, our skilled external house painter meticulously removes old paint layers, addressing imperfections and creating a smooth canvas for your renewed space.


    Caulking & Masking

    Get detailed caulking services for seamless joints and protect against moisture. Precision masking guarantees clean lines, preventing paint bleed and ensuring a polished, professional finish for your project.


    Roof Painting

    Protect and refresh your roof’s appearance with quality painting solutions. Our expertise ensures durable coatings that safeguard your roof  against weathering while revitalizing its look.


    Fence Painting

    Enhance your property’s curb appeal with expert gate and fence painting services. We not only restore the appearance but also add a layer of protection against the elements.


    Brick Painting

    Transform the look of your brick surfaces with our specialized painting techniques. Our painting services revitalize the appearance and add a fresh appeal to your home’s exterior.

    Get Exterior Home Painting Estimates

    Painting is no small task, whether it’s a roof painting or the entire exterior of your house. For outstanding and satisfying results, trust the experts at Art of Painting and Custom Restoration, LLC. Our skilled professionals ensure a seamless and efficient home beautification process. Reach out to our seasoned team of exterior house painters today to unlock your home’s ultimate beauty.

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    Our House Exterior Painters Portfolio

    Don’t just take our word for it, check out our work here.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Typically, exterior paint lasts around 5-10 years, but this can vary based on factors like climate, paint quality, and surface preparation. Contact us to know the ideal repainting schedule for your home.

    Yes, weather plays a crucial role. Extreme temperatures, rain, or humidity can impact paint adhesion and drying time. It’s best to schedule exterior house painting services during moderate weather conditions for optimal results.

    Yes. You have a wide range of color choices. We also offer tailored color consultations to ensure the perfect hues welcome you home. Also, enhance curb appeal, attract visitors, and create a positive ambiance that resonates with you.

    The duration depends on various factors, including –

    • The size of the project
    • Surface condition
    • Weather
    • The number of coats needed. 

    Contact us to get an exact project timeline based on your specific requirements.